About the band

Rick Guard - Lead Vocalist

Ipso Facto are a collective of highly talented musicians. The popular option of the trio lineup consists of lead vocal, saxophone and keyboards/backing vocals. This lineup can be added to on request, up to a 12 piece band.

Their success as one of the most sought after event bands on the corporate and party circuit, comes from their versatility to not only provide the highest quality swing/jazz and ratpack set, but to then switch to a vibrant dance floor filling party set.

The founder members of Ipso Facto, Rick Guard and Phil Rice are also platinum selling, award winning songwriters currently signed to Roots/Universal Publishing. They’ve achieved top ten positions in 11 countries, as well as film, computer game and TV commissions.

Rick is also a best selling author of the CD/book course, “Teach Yourself Singing”.

As a solo artist Rick has gigged live events and TV in South Africa, Qatar, Russia, Qatar, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Egypt, Spain, Holland and Ireland working with artists such as Ronan Keating, Russell Watson, Lionel Richie.